At 12:16 PM on Sunday, January 01, 2012

Below sums up my exciting life for year 2011. 2011 finally ended. This is the first time I had wished so much for the year to end. Although I've had a wonderful time traveling almost every month, it's been a tear filled year. I look forward so much to the arrival of 2012 and awaits what's in store for me. 

22Jan-23Jan: Batam with Mum, sis and Shengwei.

17Feb-23Feb: Japan with Shengwei.

6Mar-8Mar: Phuket with Shengwei.

31Mar-4Apr: Xiamen-Putien with Mum, Dad and sis.
2Apr: Went over to Jinmen, Taiwan.
And back to Xiamen.

30Apr-2May: Genting-Sunway Lagoon with Sanyi, Mum and sis.

29Jul-31Jul: Genting with Zhoulin+Husband, Synn Ying+Bf, Kwan Shen and Victor.

3Aug-7Aug: Perth with sis.

24Sep-25Sep: KL with nustar

29Sep-2Oct: Vietnam with Dad, mum and sis.

23Oct - JB with mum, dad and sis.

12Nov-13Nov: Batam for Jieying's Hens with girlies.

24Dec-31Dec: Xiamen-Putien with >60 relatives.
That's my 2011. What's for 2012?


At 10:29 AM on Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Very happy to be the jiemei for 2 of my very very sweet girlies, Jinny and Jieying. Bridesmaid dress for Jinny's wedding on 3Dec11 (left) and Jieying's wedding on 10Dec11 (right). =)


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3rd Dec 2011 - Dear Jinny's big day! Jinny is my ever so sweet close friend from uni. A sweetie pie always. So happy for her and even happier and honoured to be her jiemei!

Love this shot max! An outdoor shoot that morning. Got us all perspiring under the hot sun but the effect was all worth it!

The morning camwhoring as usual....
The dinner.

A day of fun, laughter, sweat and happiness. Am really really happy for you sweetie Jinny. Wishing you everlasting happiness. Love you!


At 10:45 AM on Monday, November 21, 2011

Attended the best friend's wedding on 19 Nov. Really happy for her and wishing her a blissful marriage. Congrats qing! Love you!

It's been 13 years... We have all grown up. It's really amazing how we keep friends for so long. Really cherish such relationships and hope they stay.


At 12:18 PM on Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wayne turns 3! So i took the earliest ferry back to run errands for my darling's party. The theme for this year's party is Cars, Wayne's current favourite. Again, we have to fit the theme. We had specially designed shirts for Wayne's First mickey mouse themed party and this time, we have tags. Of course again, yiyi's idea and xiao yi's work. We are 最佳拍档!
The reason why i had to rush back is to run my first errand of collecting the balloons. Had the entire car filled with balloons! Rear and side mirror blocked.Challenging.
Many many balloons.
The party venue. First and last party held at this place.
Our tattoos! Just like the mickey mouse ones we had on his first bday. Cute.

The spread.
This is LOL. Look at Wayne. A very sad racer.
Of presents, kids, games. Noisy, chaotic. Let me consider again if I REALLY like being a childcare teacher. *faints*
A very nice Cars cake that fascinated all the kids. More interested in pulling Mcqueen off the cake than photo taking. Really hard to get their attention.

His Cars costume.

Bubbles time with Isaac korkor.
How time flies our boy is already 3. Hope he enjoyed the party. Only hope for him to grow up healthy and happy. Really love him lots. Happy 3rd Birthday Wayne!


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12-13 Nov, Batam for Jy's Hen's. First overseas trip with this group of girlies! Sweetie jy sponsored all the jiemeis for this trip. Eat, shop, massage and HTHT. Totally awesome. Playing games and chatting over beer and choya with sweet girlies whom have known each other for 13 years is absolutely priceless. We have all indeed grown up and have changed alot over the years, of course for the better. But some things just don't change.. such as... *coughs* our 默契. Better to leave some things unsaid. Really enjoyed this trip alot. It's also my first time going back from a foreign land alone. Had to take the earliest ferry at 6am back for my darling's birthday party. Yes quite exciting and shag.


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What's new? Been MIA from blogging again. Missing alot of events and thoughts that has been happening. Kind of regretted it as i've been hoping to pen down all my thoughts. Time to catch up on what i've been missing.

Oct 29, Jiefu's birthday celebration up first at Shangri-la, Shang Palace. 

Little darling exploring the place and receiving his new beanie.

Good tim sum.
Birthday boy opening his presents.

Celebration part 2 downstairs.


At 7:55 PM on Saturday, October 08, 2011

Another item off my wishlist!! Been wanting to do this for the longest time but it's no action talk only. Plus the fact that I've been on constant painkillers so I put this off for so long. Plus I saw swee's pic on how big the needle is! Ok maybe that's the real reason, I'm a scardy cat. So anyway, i was on the way to get lunch where I saw them handling out the tissue paper for this blood donation drive. This guy approached me and told me about it and got me excited. But I was afraid to do this alone so I got my ever so brave little sis to join me. She is really wonderful I tell you. She skipped her lesson, drove down all the way from NTU, and the fact that she's been rejected 3 times before but she still came. So there, WE FINALLY DID IT!!
I was so afraid while waiting for my turn to take the test cos some idiot told me this is more painful than the real thing! But, IT WAS JUST A PRICK LA! Scare me for nothing. But he's not wrong! Cos the real thing doesn't hurt at all! Totally no feeling so rightfully the test is more painful la. I'm so impressed can! Such a big needle went in without any feeling at all! I remembered telling the nurse, 'Amazing' after she told me to look away. Halfway through, the guy lying beside me went into fits!!! I tell you!! THIS IS DAMN SCARY LA!!! I swear i went all cold. The nurses all rushed over, pull out the needle, put his legs up. Wah piang commotion. That's probably the only scary thing, even needle go in also not so scary.
I'm so glad i finally did it!


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Mummy's birthday on the day we came back from vietnam. Birthday dinner was at Town Restaurant at Fullerton Hotel. 

Acting all touristy and shooting on our way there.
Dad trying his Sir Stamford pose.
More photos before starting dinner and waiting for the Pehs.
Darling with the new ladybird helmet we got him from Vietnam! So cute right!?

The wide spread. Really worth it.

Hmm.. looks like the little boy forgot what he's supposed to tell mama. Getting hints from his mummy. *cheeky*
Aha! Finally remembered! Prize and card presentation.

Wonders why Wayne is always in the picture of making wish, blowing candles and cutting cake.

I totally love this pic!!!! My wallpaper now. Another good photo to add to the collection! Look at wayne's expression!! Makes me laugh each time i look at it. =)
Happy Birthday Mummy!! I LOVE YOU!!!